Trending photo shoot ideas

Here are some trending 11 fashionable DIY ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot or wedding photo shoot –

 1. Add personalized balloons as props

There is no doubt that your photographer will keep no stones unturned to make your photos all that fashionable and adorable. 

But, to add some more buzzworthy effects, how about adding some personalized colorful balloons?  You can have your D-Day date or the day you guys decided to be forever and some quirky quotes written on them.

2. Pose with monograms and big blocks

You can pose with your monograms and some big blocks around having your most adorable pictures pasted on them.

Imagine, you in a pastel pink dress and your fiance in a light blue shirt, a dash of pinkish touch at the background, having 2-3 big blocks around you with some of your memorable and cutest photos pasted on them and you both at the center of it with your monograms in hands?

 3. A sun shining through a heart on your wedding day

You and your fiance all decked-up to exchange the vows, but a wedding without some breathtaking photographs is not complete. So get your photographer to use his skills at his best and click the sun shining through the heart formed by joining your hands.

4. Real view of your wedding dresses with all the lustrous aroma

Having the most romantic heart-shaped picnic blanket, with you both lying on it facing each other and an areal shot captured by your photographer. 

5. Incorporating three generations of real ‘she’-heroes in one frame

Who says wedding photography is all about just the couple?

A wedding means of two families becoming one. So, to keep that trend going,  gather your mother or mother-in-law, grandmother or grandmother-in-law and you in one frame capturing the beauty and power a family is blessed with three generations.