Unique Wedding Favors for Guest at Destination Wedding. P #2

Scented wedding favors

If you are looking for the wedding favor ideas for your guests which reflects your style but also won’t end up in the bin post-reception, then you must explore scented wedding favors such as candles, handmade soaps, face mists, etc.

Not only will your guests love these scented wedding favors, but they will also actually end up using them too!! The good news is that with pretty packaging a simple standard candle can be customized into something pretty!

Mini champagne bottles

Pop! Fizz! Clink!

What’s a better way other than to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly? You could totally make a fun night out of customizing these mini champagne bottles with your girls. Play with glitter, confetti, stickers, etc.

You could even pair up the bottle with a can of orange juice, it’s the perfect pair. Orange juice and champagne make the best brunch cocktail, mimosas!! Makes for one of the most fun and frolic wedding favor ideas!

Hangover kit

If your wedding is one big party, then you must put together a nice hangover kit. Definitely one of the most useful wedding favors.

A hangover kit is an awesome way to say thanks to your friends and family who came to celebrate your big day! After all, you want them to remember your wedding and how good it was even the day after, don’t you?

DIY hot chocolate

Looking for great wedding favors for destination weddings especially, if it is a winter wedding?

This is a yummy way to keep all your guests warm and cozy while they are getting ready for your big day!! Don’t forget the marshmallows!! You can also add a piece of chocolate wedding favors completing the hamper!