Wedding Favors That Leave Behind Memories. P #2

Best wedding favors ideas

Here is a short list of wedding souvenirs and tokens you can get to make your wedding more festive. Being unique and personalized is enough, but for the perfect wedding favor, it should also match your wedding theme.

Homemade or mini liquor

Events are best celebrated by alcohol. Allowing the guest to bring home custom brewed drinks, or a miniature version of your favorite shot will help remind them of the good times you shared together.

Theme colored jelly bean

Modern weddings are color themed in one or two colors.

A primary color theme and sometimes an accent. There are bad choices, but if it makes the couple happy, the rest of us have no right to judge. That aside, theme colored jelly beans in personalized or engraved mason jars hits all three requirements for a low price.

Homemade jam and pickles

Pickles and jams are another option to give away personalized mason jars. If you don’t know how to make them yourself, there are also a lot of small rural companies that sell them cheaply.

Custom his and hers mugs

It sounds like an interesting gift, but remember not everyone attending your wedding has a significant other, some of them may even be bitter about it. So be careful what to write on the personalized message.

Fruit and treats basket

It’s not Christmas, but weddings are close enough. Fruit baskets are given during Christmas and harvest festivals to share the bounty and wish friends and family a more plentiful and productive year to come. It applies very much to marriages.

Cakes and pies

Pastry with a personalized message will convey the same messages as a fruit basket. It is literally sweeter and cheaper to make (depending on the type of fruit you offer). Sweets and other candy treats packed in small personalized containers will be just as classy and save money.