Wedding Favors That Leave Behind Memories. P #1

Every couple wants to remember their wedding. Most brides would even consider it the most memorable day of their lives. It’s not sure if grooms would like to remember it, but It’s likely they are looking forward to the wedding night. Wedding favors help honored guests remember the event too.

That is why it’s important to personalize and think about what you want to give to your guests.

Personalized wedding favors

The only criteria for a good personalized wedding favors are for your guests to remember the wedding from the dozens of other weddings they will attend in their lifetime.

It doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive. Cheap wedding favors that fulfil the criteria are good as long as it doesn’t look too cheap. DIY wedding favors can be food wrapped in a mason jar that can serve as the remembrance. Non-functional items may just end up as attic junk.

All remembrances should be personalized.

Even tourist snowglobes give anyone who picks it up an idea what it signifies. That is the weakness of food wedding favors. Once it’s consumed, it is done. Unless the food itself is mindblowing, nobody would remember it after two weeks.

The point of giving away wedding favor tokens is to allow your distinguished guests to bring home a part of your wedding (and by extension your lives) with them.

It also serves as an additional appreciation for taking the time out of their lives to help them celebrate their own. That is another reason why thoughtfulness from the couple to the guest should be personalized.

Unique wedding favors

One way to help ensure that they remember your wedding token is to make it unique.

Throughout their lifetime, they will receive a few dozen glass wedding favors shaped like one elegant animal or another. Over the years, it will be hard to remember which one belongs to who, besides getting run of the mill token ensures that it will have a good place in a dusty box in the attic, together with other wedding and baptism favors and other souvenirs.