Wedding Shower Gifts That Aren’t Lingerie. P #3

Sweets that are shamelessly extra

There is no better time to finally order those insanely intricate (and insanely expensive) custom chocolates and baked goods you’ve seen on Instagram. (We see you, Milk Bar.)

Check out the next-level custom chocolates made by Maggie Louise Confections or the edible masterpieces by David Chow for some seriously mind-blowing chocolate creations that any recipient would flip slash drool over.

A unique subscription box

Another great way to help your stressed-out pal stop and enjoy the little things in life is to surprise her with a box of wedding shower gifts that will delight her month after month.

Whether she’s into tea, craft beer, wine, beauty products, snacks or nail polish, there’s a monthly subscription box made for her. There are even subscription boxes specifically for brides!

A pre-planned date night

Give her a gift that helps her reconnect with her partner before she ties the knot, like an elaborate date night you planned yourself for her and her future spouse.

How about a fancy dinner at that really nice restaurant she wouldn’t otherwise pick? Top it off with a gift card to the best bakery or ice cream shop in town and you’ve got yourself a points-winning present. Concert or play tickets are always a thoughtful option for a mini getaway, too.

The silkiest silk or satin PJs you can find

A good gift is one that’s at least partially indulgent, and if she’s the type of person who would fully enjoy a pair of fancy pajamas but who would never actually pay for something to sleep in, you’ve found your winner.

This is also a sweet way to subtly honor the lingerie tradition if you aren’t super keen on going full-on cheeky.

Lingerie is not dead (if you don’t want it to be)

If you still want to surprise the bride-to-be with oodles of revealing lace, satin and mesh, there will be ample opportunity along the way. The bachelorette party is one of the best times to give the sexy stuff because you don’t have to worry about embarrassing anyone in front of grandma or that one conservative aunt on the guest list. 

Designate the bridal shower as the time to help the guest of honor remember to take a moment to sit back, relax and breathe as she’s planning the biggest day of her life.