A Rugged Wedding

Weddings don’t have to be formal any longer.

That rule is long dead. Often, your guests may have more fun at a lax, low-key affair with a focus on love and celebration.

That’s certainly true for the bride and groom, who won’t have nearly as much to worry about if they plan a rugged, laid back wedding.

Here’s everything you need to know to make it happen.

Bring out the greenery

A rustic wedding practically begs for wildflowers, and you should feel free to include local flora in your bouquets and table settings. However, for a more natural, laid back vibe, you need to celebrate the greenery in your location.

Not only does that mean including a variety of leafy green plants that trail along the aisle, along with air plants and eucalyptus as decoration, but it also means making the most of the greenery and scenery at the site of the celebration.

If you’re enjoying an outdoor wedding, for example, pose for pictures in the forest or in front of a copse of trees.

Ask your photographer to keep an eye out for interesting nature scenes, whether it’s a verdant meadow or a tangled clutch of grapevines that form a natural arbor.

They can wear dresses that flatter their figures and make them feel beautiful, too, but your wedding photos will still have cohesion.