Unique Wedding Favors for Guest at Destination Wedding. P #1

Having a destination wedding?

A destination wedding means you just be on the lookout for unique wedding favors for your guest to express gratitude. Elegant wedding favors are a huge trend these days. They are an excellent way to make your guests immediately feel welcome and special at the wedding, after all, they are traveling all the way just for your special day.

Wedding favors are also a great way to get a whole group together during the wedding week. You can even DIY them, personalize and customize them, play around with the ideas.

Here are 7 unique wedding favors ideas for your guests, scroll below to pick your choice of destination wedding gift ideas.

A personalized local goodie bag

Get a canvas tote bag personalized for your guests can use later as well. 

Get a nice canvas tote bag which your guests can carry home full of memories. Fill this goodie bag with everything local such as local delicacies, local alcohol, local postcards, local music, etc.

Do your research and find local treats to the site of your destination wedding so you can introduce your guests to the destination’s delicacies.

This will also help in your guest not raiding the minibar!

You must try and include both sweet and savory things to be able to satisfy different cravings your guests might have. You can also include a CD of local music. Further, stack a small bundle of pre-stamped postcards which features stunning photos of local sites so your guests can visit them.

Furthermore, you can include a map so your guests who are extending their trip can enjoy the destination. Although this requires a lot of research and effort, this wedding favor will be the talk of the town for the years to come.

Edible wedding favors

Edible wedding favor ideas are practically endless! There is nothing more alluring than edible wedding favors.

You can opt for favors such as herb-infused oils, organic honey, handmade jams are some amazing ideas! However, there is nothing better than gifting chocolate wedding favors.

Chocolates are one of the wedding favor ideas which everyone loves!

You can get personalized chocolates for your wedding with the wedding hashtag, logo or simply the initials of the bride and groom. You can even explore options such as tea, coffee, dried nuts, gourmet popcorn, layered cakes in a jar, etc.