Wedding Wishes for Friends and Family. P #1

People in our lives eventually get married.

Regardless of our own personal views of marriage and what name we call God, there will be couples and marriages that we hope would succeed. Wedding wishes are not worth anything if they are not from the heart. Couples would know if the guest is just there for the free meal.

Marriages are a significant life milestone.

For most people, it’s a life-changing event. Unfortunately, not all marriages end in a happily ever after. That is why we give them wedding wishes to help them get through it.

Wedding wishes messages and actionable advice

Only a select few of the entourages will get to speak during the wedding reception. It doesn’t mean that they are the only ones who can send the couple wedding wishes for their new life together. Writing a note together with your gift will have the same effect.

Assuming what you told them actually makes sense.

Wedding wishes are like all other forms of advice. It should be practical. There’s no point being profound like Confucius, which coincidentally has a name that rhymes with confusion.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

That is an actual Confucius quote. It applies to a lot of things, including marriages. However, it is not plain enough for everyone to understand. Average people can understand it, unfortunately even below-average people can get married.

Actionable wedding quotes are straightforward and make sense, such as “Never stop dating your wife.” It’s clear, concise, and will go a long way to helping the married couple in their journey.

Best wishes for wedding quotes

Actionable advice is great.

However, most people wouldn’t know what good actionable wedding wishes to give unless they have been married for a long time themselves. Luckily, Google is our friend. Here are some of the best wedding wishes quotes on the net.