Wedding Wishes for Friends and Family. P #2

Cultivate deeper conversations

Your spouse is not a stranger. One-liner responses eventually break down communication. You are in the same marriage together. Continuously share your thoughts with each other to move forward.

Know the small stuff

How does your spouse like their coffee? Do they hate it when someone forgets to lift up the toilet seat? Do they prefer their eggs poached, scrambled, or sunny side up? Little things and adjustments pile up and make a happy marriage.

Get romantic

Sex is great, romance is even better.

Since you’re married to that person, it’s assumed that you don’t just want their body to relieve your needs. Keep doing things that made them fall in love with you.

Random acts of kindness

Romancing your spouse is great, but doing good things together to help friends and family nurtures closer bonds for people that matter. Also, they serve as unique wedding day wishes for friends by making them realize the importance of the act of service and the happiness it brings.

Volunteer together

Friends and family are not the only people in this world. Spending time to help strangers as a couple also helps your own marriage.

Get sweaty together

Sex aside, there are other healthy physical activities that couples can enjoy together. Dancing lessons, martial arts, yoga, or just jogging improves your health and well being. Doing it with your partner also improves your marital health. It’s literally two birds with one stone.

Focus on the good stuff

Nobody’s perfect, it’s a fact.

People try to change and improve themselves, but there’s always something that hits our nerves the wrong way. Learn to live with it, and love the person as a whole, imperfections and all.