Picking the Perfect Sentimental Wedding Gift for Your Best Friend. P #3

Step 3 : Make it personalized

Personalise the wedding gift for your best friend, but do it tastefully. Not everyone wants everything in their home to be monogrammed (no judgment if you do, though). Make sure you’re clear on name changes and spellings before you order anything, and pick something that the couple will actually use or want to display proudly.

Have something made just for them.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Things Remembered and L.L. Bean as much as the next gal, but it doesn’t compare to having someone make something completely bespoke for your recipient.

A piece of art–a portrait of their dog or house or custom nesting dolls, for example—is a great start.

Personalized stationery is always a win.

They’re married now, which means they’re heading for a solid year worth of writing thank you cards.

Give them a set of custom-made notecards to commemorate the occasion.

Turn a part of their love story into a wedding gift for your best friend.

If you can somehow get your hands on a love letter they wrote each other or know lyrics to one of their songs, try to work it into something gift-worth—a wall-hanging, mugs or toss pillows are fun options.

This is a great alternative to the typical initial, monogram or last name personalization.

Think of ways they’ll be able to use their wedding pics.

There are so many cool ways you can display photos these days, from having them printed on glass to ordering them on a phone case.

With a gift card to a shop where they can print their photos into usable works of art, their pics won’t sit unseen in their Dropbox for years.

Why you should take the time

A wedding gift for your best friend that took thought is the material equivalent of a big hug or a pat on the back. It signifies that you’re paying attention, that you’re supportive and that you know your relationship is give and take.

Spending the time to pick out the absolute best gift for your best friend is an amazing way to show your love, and it’ll be worth all the extra time and effort you put into it.