Picking the Perfect Sentimental Wedding Gift for Your Best Friend. P #2

Step 2: Celebrate your friendship

Get a wedding gift for you best friend that acknowledges the bond between the two of you. Don’t get us wrong–your bestie’s wedding day isn’t about the two of you, but it’s your best friend, so whatever you give should come totally from the heart and be inspired by your relationship. Anything else just feels generic.

Think about your favorite inside jokes.

Incorporating an inside joke you share with the couple is one of the best ways to bring to life a basic or seemingly uninspired gift. The key is to incorporate it subtly, not to make it the main focus of the present, and to ensure that it’s something your best friend’s future spouse understands, too.

Write the spouse-to-be a personalized note.

No matter what you give, make sure that your present isn’t 100 percent focused on the half of the couple-to-be that you know the best.

Even if your gift is primarily for your friend, at least include a handwritten note to her future partner so it feels extra sweet and supportive. The last thing you want is for your bestie-in-law to feel left out.

Remember all the places you’ve been.

Maybe the destination bachelorette party was one of your favorite memories ever or maybe you roomed together in college and are still diehard fans of your alma mater. Perhaps that one summer at camp changed the course of your lives forever.

A place-inspired wedding gift for your best friend can invoke the sentiments  you shared together at a special time and place (p.s. there are actually candles that smell like summer camp, if you were wondering).