Picking the Perfect Sentimental Wedding Gift for Your Best Friend. P #1

It’s the biggest moment in your best friend’s life, and you want to make sure she knows you’re glad to be a part of it. But your friendship isn’t like everyone else’s, and your gift shouldn’t be either. However, finding ideas about gifts to your friend for her wedding can be made very if follow some simple steps.

Picking the perfect wedding gift for your best friend comes down to honoring her relationship with her spouse-to-be and doing it in a way that’s totally non-generic. A little bit of sentimentality goes a long way when you’re gifting this wedding season!

Step 1 : Make it personal to the couple

Focus on details shared between the couple. A wedding gift for your best friend that plays to their unique love story shows that you remember the important things your bestie tells you and that you back them as a couple. Here are some interesting wedding gift ideas for your best friend’s marriage.

Where did they meet?

Did they meet in the Big Apple? Gift them a New York scented candle to commemorate their first encounter. If they’ve since moved away, create a basket with date-night essentials inspired by the city.

(In the case of New York, maybe that means a six-pack of Brooklyn Lager and sweets shipped from Magnolia Bakery, but there are hundreds of ways you could take this.)

What’s their favorite restaurant?

A great way to set the couple up for a life of fun and romance is to give them the gift of fun things they can do together once all the insanity of wedding planning has died down.

Consider a date night out, perhaps, with a gift card to their favorite restaurant and tickets to a show.

What do they bond over?

Sports, concerts, food, video games, a sitcom from the 1990s that they both know inside and out?

Think it through and include a few nods to their shared passion as you’re selecting the just-right present.

How do they spend their time?

Whether it’s traveling, gardening or hopping from city to city to see their favorite band play, it’s never a bad idea to give a new couple an activity-focused gift they can do together.

We love the idea of tickets to a play or concert or a gift card to a travel website.