Wedding Shower Gifts That Aren’t Lingerie. P #2

A day at the spa to ease the stress of planning

Chances are, the guest of honor is knee-deep in stressful wedding planning, from fielding inquiries from nosy family members to mulling over linens and signature drinks.

The best wedding shower gifts she needs right now is a massage and a manicure, preferably somewhere with no cell service. Hook her up with a whole day’s worth of services to ensure that she fully sinks into a state of bliss.

A piece of heirloom kitchenware

She may not yet have a collection of colorfully enameled Le Creuset bakeware or original Pyrex glass dishes, but if she’s into cooking and baking in any form, it won’t be long before she hops on this train.

Heirloom and vintage cookware are one of the best bridal shower gift ideas  cause they last forever, so it will stay with her for a lifetime of weeknight dinners, special occasions and parties.

Choose one heirloom piece and make it a good one! Buying things slowly, piece by piece, is the smartest approach here.

A self-care basket of wedding shower gifts

If you know that the stress of the wedding has taken a toll on the mental health of the bride-to-be, consider equipping her with a goodie bag of self-care staples that will help her sink into a state of grateful bliss at home.

Luxe face masks, fancy bath bombs, sweetly aromatic candles and a membership to a meditation app are some solid basket-stuffers.

A cocktail themed basket of wedding shower gifts

You’ve probably seen those clever year of firsts baskets featuring wine for every milestone—first fight, first house, first baby, etc.—but this is the version for the bride-to-be who prefers margaritas over merlots.

Start with a bottle of top-shelf liquor and fill the basket to the brim with mix-ins, glasses, garnishes, bar tools and other accoutrements that will help her create next-level cocktails as she plans.